Our primary goal at the Lee Specialty Clinic is to improve the quality of health and the quality of life for our patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) by improving the quality of health services we deliver to them. A vibrant research program has always been an important part of this work.

We use patient-centered research as a tool in helping us solve the clinical problems, which act as obstacles to delivering this quality standard of care. And, by sharing our clinical successes with the global medical and dental community via the scientific presentations and peer-reviewed monographs we publish, we can also help to improve the health of people with IDD everywhere.

Doctors and students have come from around the world to work with our clinical research mentors. As a recipient of multiple local and national research awards, our program has produced scientific articles and book chapters published in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, and Japan.

Our internationally-recognized, interdisciplinary research program focuses exclusively on identifying and resolving the myriad clinical challenges our patients and their families face.

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Henry Hood, DMD Chief Clinical Officer


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