The global intellectual and developmentally disabled population is chronically underserved by the medical, dental and allied healthcare professions.  We intend to change that.

We know that the healthcare access problem for people with IDD is, at its core, a healthcare education problem, and we will never achieve parity in healthcare access for our patient population without making certain that medical, dental and allied healthcare teaching programs include instruction in the care of patients with IDD.

To this end, the Lee Specialty clinic has teamed up with accredited medical, dental, nursing and dental hygiene schools across the USA and the world to create programs specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and experience of undergraduate, predoctoral and postgraduate students.  To date, we have welcomed students from schools, including the University of Louisville, Harvard University, the University of Southern California, Bellarmine University, Nihon University Matsudo, Japan, the University of Kentucky, McGill University Montreal, Quebec, the University of the West Indies and Kings College London, England.

By sharing our knowledge with young medical, dental and allied healthcare students, and by letting them personally experience the joy that comes from treating our special patients, the Lee Specialty Clinic is equipping the next generation of healthcare professionals to better care for patients with IDD.